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Long-term Vision

Major Research Areas of ENRI

During the period covered by the first medium- and long-term plan (FY2016-FY2022) of the National Institute of Maritime,Port and Aviation Technology, the National Research and Development Agency, ENRI is focusing on research related to air traffic expansion, improving the convenience and efficiency of air traffic, and reducing aircraft environmental effects while maintaining the safety of air traffic and encouraging the aviation administration to utilize the results of this research.
Accordingly, ENRI has established the following intensive R&D themes.
Major Research Areas of ENRI

Enhancement of Air Traffic Management by Trajectory Based Operations

Trajectory based operation (TBO) is an air traffic management operation for controlling flight paths and transit times of allaircraft. ENRI is conducting research on technologies which enable to conduct the TBO in congested airspace, improvement ofrobustness of air traffic systems which support the TBO, and technologies of management of controlled airspace and flight paths.

Enhancement of Airport Operation

ENRI is conducting research and development on technologies for deciding flight paths in order to expand continuous descent operations to reduce fuel consumption by arriving aircraft at congested airports. ENRI is also studying advanced operations such as landing systems based on satellite navigation, airport surface-management technologies for departing and landing aircraft, aeronautical-surveillance technologies applying optical fibers, and monitoring systems for foreign objects on airport runway.

Optimization of Air Traffic Using On-Board Information

ENRI is researching and developing technologies for transmitting information related to topics such as operations or the weather, as obtained on the aircraft, to ground systems and using them effectively. ENRI is also researching and developing technologies for maintaining optimal aircraft separations and realizing optimal flight paths by recognizing the surrounding aircraft situation in cooperation with ground systems.

Enhancement of Information Sharing and Communication Systems

ENRI is constructing an information-sharing infrastructure to support situational awareness and decision making for the operation of aircraft among many relevant parties. ENRI is also developing air-to-ground communication systems that transmit information related to air traffic control, operation, and weather conditions at a high speed, as well as researching the security issues of these systems.

Fundamental Research, etc.

Research and development of advanced flight operation Research and development of advanced flights near airports Research and development of safety and technology connecting air and ground