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Long-term Vision

International Air Traffic Flow Harmonization

Air traffic within Asia and between Asia and North America is forecast to increase in the long term along with economic growth, which will require improving air traffic management (ATM) system efficiency. Much of the traffic between Asia and North America passes through the Fukuoka Flight Information Region (FIRs) and its adjacent FIRs, but although ATM improvements are being made by each country, there is a limit to the gains that can be achieved by improving each FIR alone.
 The International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Asia/Pacific Region has therefore published a Seamless ANS Plan aiming at the harmonisation of air transport operations in the region. To help to achieve this goal, we are investigating a concept of a Free Route Airspace (FRA) and Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) implementation that aims to streamline as much as possible air traffic flows between Fukuoka FIR and its neighbours. We are creating a model of FRA operations and will evaluate its benefits to aircraft operators and as well as its potential impact on air traffic control operations.We are also investigating the information exchanges and mechanisms necessary for cross-boundary management of flights and traffic flows between Fukuoka FIR and its neighbours.

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