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Long-term Vision

CARATS Open Data for Research and Development

The air traffic systems are expected to improve for safer and more efficient air traffic flow. A long-term vision - “CARATS”* - has been established with the committee, including the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau, to promote efforts to renovate and modernize existing air traffic systems. One of the committee’s activities involves distributing a series of commercial aircraft track data possessed by the Japan Air Navigation Service Air Navigation Service, namely CARATS open data, to accelerate research and development in air traffic management fields. ENRI has extended its support to create data and promote the activity. Currently, data on around 1.58 million flights for the period 2012-2018 is available for academic-related objectives. The weather data has been added since the 2018 data set. To date, the number of users from various fields has also increased significantly. It is considered that CARATS open data will be utilized for activities that can help foster the development of aviation.

  CARATS* : Collaborative Actions for Renovation of Air Traffic Systems

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