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Research on Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Recently, small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS, also known as drone) has been widely used in various applications, including aerial photography, pesticide spraying, land surveying, infrastructure inspection, and logistics. The increasing use of drones is associated with increased risks of collisions with manned aircraft or crashes into people/buildings on the ground. Such risks could be mitigated by sharing flight information between manned aircraft and sUAS as well as among different sUASs. Unmanned aircraft system Traffic Management (UTM) has been widely researched and developed as a flight information-sharing tool. Based on the knowledge of traditional ATM/CNS, ENRI is investigating and developing techniques for information sharing between manned aircraft and sUAS. One essential research topic is a technique to derive the preflight/in-flight information of helicopters that fly in low-level airspaces where the risk of sUAS encounters is high. This research is expected to contribute to establish safe operational environments for both manned aircraft and sUASs.

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