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The ENRI technical documents is the most formal and supports the results of our research projects. Those publicly available may be accessed from the "Publications" link. Most of the documents presented here are available in PDF format and will require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

 Electronic Navigation Research Institute (ENRI) papers

The papers present the up-to-date results of surveys, researches, development of procedures and prototype systems tests and evaluation conducted by researchers of ENRI. The contents are useful for advancement of science and engineering, administrative decision making and industry activities.

The editorial committee is responsible in editing the ENRI papers. Each paper is reviewed by two referees and based on their opinions, the committee discusses and determines whether it is published or not

The copyright of ENRI papers belongs to ENRI. In case of reference use, it is not necessary to have ENRI's approval if the source is clearly stated. It is necessary to have ENRI's approval for copy, reproduction, translation and others except the cases of personal research, study and education.