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ENRI PAPER 117_1 Jul. 2007

A Study on Fast-time Simulation Modeling for Airport Surface Movement


As a result of air traffic demand growth, delay on airport surface increases in congested airports. To mitigate the increased delay, airport expansion programs, in which runways and taxi-ways are expanded, need to be implemented. On the other hand, because the expansion programs require tremendous amount of money and time, prior assessment for the expansion effect is indispensable. Numerous elements including airport layouts and traffic operations need to be covered in the assessment.

Conducting fast time simulation experiments provides valuable information for the prior assessment of airport surface expansion programs in an efficient way. To obtain more reliable information, the simulation experiments should be conducted on valid models. Validation process for simulation models is thus required. In consideration of aspects specific to modeled airports, the simulation models should be validated.

A fast-time simulation model of a Japanese airport is introduced in this paper. The modeling process such as operational rules for spot and taxi-way assignment is presented. The validation process of the model follows. Comparing the simulation result with the field observation data, the model is validated and the model proves to yield reliable simulation result. As an application of the simulation model, fast time simulation experiments are conducted on the model. The simulation is to study the consequence of air traffic volume increase on airport surface delay.

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