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ENRI PAPER 115 Jul. 2006

Development of Air Traffic Control Simulation System

Mitsuhiko MIGAKI, Kota KAGEYAMA and Megumi OKA

This paper describes the development of air traffic control simulation system which is aimed to provide with the necessary equipment for realtime simulation of actual air traffic control services.

The simulation system is composed of eight terminal radar display consoles, four enroute radar display consoles, twelve pseudo aircraft pilot consoles, a central main-computer or scenario processing server and so on. The simulation system is designed to work as realistically as actual air traffic control scene, and to function well for wide traffic control area and heavy traffic. It is also worked by air traffic controllers in experimental phase, so the interface of consoles is designed and manufactured with careful thought.

The simulation system is used to evaluate the plan to expand metropolitan airport and to treat heavy traffic for resolving serious congestion in the metropolitan airspace. The experiment shows the simulation system is useful.

This simulation system works to the full. The result in this development will be useful to design next stage air traffic control simulation systems and also air traffic management systems though the simulation system will be insufficient to evaluate a future system.

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