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ENRI PAPER 105 Nov. 2003

Development and Evaluation of SSR Mode S Network

Noboru Miyoshi, Hiromi Miyazaki and Tadashi Koga

SSR (Secondary Surveillance Radar) Mode S with improved surveillance and datalink capabilities will be operational in Tokyo Area from 2003.Its service areas will be expanded throughout Japan and various datalink applications, such as ACAS RA (Airborne Collision Avoidance System Resolution Advisories) downlink, DAPs (Downlinked Aircraft Parameters), TIS (Traffic Information Service), are planned to be introduced. In face of these expansions of SSR Mode S applications, it will be required to operate SSR Mode S efficiently.

Networking of SSR Mode S makes it possible to operate Mode S sensors beyond its radio propagation limits and provide effective and reliable operation through cooperative surveillannce and mutual backup. In addition, as SSR Mode S is one of sub-networks of ATN(Aeronautical Telecommunication Network), it is necessary to establish Mode S Network technology in preparation for the introduction of ATN.

ENRI developed SSR Mode S Network and evaluated its performance such as target acquisition through track data transmission, mutual backup, interference reduction. The results confirmed reliable operation with continuous surveillance by aircraft handoff at sensor coverage boundary, mutual complement in case of coast and sensor failure, etc. This paper describes the development of SSR Mode S Network and the results of the evaluation.

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