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Welcome to ENRI

President Kazuo Yamamoto The Electronic Navigation Research Institute(ENRI) has taken a new step, as National Research and DevelopmentAgency for the purpose of maximizing research and development achievements of Japan in April 2015. ENRI is the only institute in Japan specializing in air traffic systems consisting of Air Traffic Management (ATM), Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) and is now conducting research and development to promote air traffic safety, efficiency and environmental preservation. In particular, we are now emphasizing the topics included in the long-term vision for future air traffic systems: "Collaborative Actions for Renovation of Air Traffic Systems (CARATS)" being performed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, so that we can fully support the realization of the vision.

In Japan, major air traffic growth is anticipated by exchange between Japan and growing neighboring countries, operations of Low Cost Carriers and Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. Thus, our capital airports are now urged to enhance the functionality by expanding capacity, improving convenience while keeping safety and environment, which is of paramount importance for Japan to sustain the economic growth. ENRI is now expected to contribute to providing solutions to above subjects from technological point of view.

ENRI will meet this expectation by applying our advantage of dealing with challenging problems from long term viewpoint. We will not only conduct research, development and evaluation about future air traffic systems under close cooperation with world organizations but dispatch researchers to international rule making bodies to help create technical standards. ENRI established an open research system to call for research proposals and to prepare collaborative environment with national and international universities. We feel happy to find that more and more professors and students have become showing interest in ENRI and higher and higher reputation our achievements have been winning. Through these activities, we will provide people in the world with quality and satisfactory accomplishments timely.

ENRI will hold the fourth ENRI International Workshop on ATM/CNS (EIWAC2015) at Ryogoku, Tokyo in November 2015. In the past three workshops, many specialists got together from the world and discussed research, development and operation results very actively, which led the workshops to great success. We would sincerely welcome your interest in EIWAC2015 and participation. For further details of the EIWAC, please visit EIWAC2015 home page in ENRI website.