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Internship Program

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Internship System

Due to the impact of COVID-19, we have decided to limit the domestic applications (regardless of nationality) to our 2022 internship program (as of March 20).We will not be accepting applications from overseas (including those from Japanese applicants studying at overseas universities and living abroad).

Electronic Navigation Research Institute (ENRI) aims to offer internships to students interested in air traffic control and related technologies with the purpose of enabling them to gain relevant work experience for their future careers. Please be aware that this system is unrelated to the hiring of employees.

Application Guidelines

Application method
Contact us at the following address to let us know that you wish to apply for an internship. Then complete the necessary application procedures and submit the required documents after coordinating with the relevant person in charge at ENRI.
It will be necessary for organizations to sign a collaboration agreement if no such agreement is in place with ENRI at the time of application.
When applying for an internship, please ensure that the internship does not interfere with your studies and obtain approval from the relevant person(s) in charge at your university or institution before applying. The application form must be filled out by the relevant person(s) in charge and the contact person in charge at the university-affiliated institution.

Application Projects
Applications are being sought for research projects being conducted by ENRI in the fields of air traffic management and surveillance, communication, and navigation technologies. It is possible to make adjustments so as to accept projects that are not listed in the table below, so please let us know if you have any special requests.

Application Documents
Please confirm the following
Request for Approval to Accept Research Fellows
・Resume ※No format

Applicants will be selected based on the submitted documents depending on the project. Telephone or email confirmations and interviews may also be required.

Handling of intellectual property rights
As a general rule, intellectual property rights concerned items that occur during the internship shall belong to ENRI. However, in case there is a separate agreement between ENRI and the organization to which the internship student belongs, such agreement shall be followed.

Handling of Personal Information
We shall properly manage all submitted documents and shall not use them for any purpose other than the internship. In cases where you are unable to participate in the internship, ENRI shall swiftly dispose of your documents.

Transportation and other expenses shall be covered in accordance with the rules and regulations of ENRI. Please discuss the details with the person in charge at ENRI during the acceptance coordination stage.

Research Planning Division, Planning Department 

Application Project List

The table below lists the main projects for which recruitment is currently being conducted. For any requests other than those listed in the table below, please coordinate with the person in charge at ENRI in advance.