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To EIWAC participants,
ENRI International Workshop on ATM/CNS (EIWAC2019) successfully ended on October 31st. More than eight hundred participants were at the workshop. There were 72 presentations in the forms of plenary, invited, technical sessions. The speakers were from 19 different countries.
As for selected papers, TPC concludes nomination for selected papers, and have already contacted all authors.
We express our deepest gratitude to you all for the outstanding presentations/papers and fruitful discussions in the EIWAC. We understand that your participation and cooperation have contributed to achieve this great success.
As announced in the concluding remark, we will start preparing for the seventh EIWAC soon. We do hope you will be interested in the next EIWAC as well and will plan to join us.
We thank you again and look forward to seeing you again soon.
Theme Exploring Ideas for World Aviation Challenges
Date Oct. 29~31, 2019
Venue Nakano Central Park Conference (Tokyo)
~ Report on EIWAC2019 ~

Springer Selected Papers of EIWAC2019

”Air Traffic Management and Systems IV – Selected Papers of the 6th ENRI International Workshop on ATM/CNS (EIWAC2019)” is now available on:



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Philippe Monmousseau

Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile

Passengers on social media: A real-time estimator of the state of the US air transportation system

- Program -
*Conference program (final)
DAY1 October 29th Tuesday
Keynote Speech 1
"Exploring Ideas for World Aviation Challenges"
Stephen P. Creamer, Director of the Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO
Keynote Speech 2
"The Digital Transformation of Air Traffic Management : Why and How”
Florian Guillermet, Executive Director of SESAR Joint Undertaking, SESAR-JU
Keynote Speech 3
“Moving Innovation to Implementation”
Christopher Loring, Manager NextGen International Office
(on behalf of Pamela Whitley, Acting Assistant Administrator for NextGen,FAA)
Keynote Speech 4
"CARATS Long-term Vision for Air Traffic Systems - The Challenge for Implementation of Future Technology -"
Tohru Kawaharabata, Director-General, Air Navigation Services Department, JCAB, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Keynote Speech 5
"Challenge, Leading to Growth - Corporate Strategy of Japan Airlines -"
Naoki Tanaka, Director, Corporate Strategy Department, Corporate Strategy & Planning Division, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
Keynote Speech 6
"ANA's Endeavor to Connect All 7.5 billion People on Earth"
Yoshiaki Tsuda, Vice President, ANA Digital Design Lab & Avatar Division, ANA HOLDINGS INC.
Akira Fukabori & Kevin Kajitani, Co-Directors, Avatar Division, ANA HOLDINGS INC.
Keynote Speech 7
"Innovations for Future Aircraft Operation and Standardization"
Shigeru Ozeki, Director General, Electronic Navigation Research Institute
Panel Discussion
"Digitalization in Aviation: A Standardization Perspective"
William C. Johnson (Senior Aerospace Engineer, Langley Research Center, NASA), Hajime Yoshimura (Senior Air Talks Officer, International Air Transport Division, Japan Civil Aviation Bureau),
Stephen P. Creamer (Director, Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO), Terry McVenes (President and CEO, RTCA), Christian Schleifer-Heingärtner (Secretary General, EUROCAE)

DAY2 October 30th Wednesday [ Hall A ]
Session 1 / ATM Performance 1
Chair : Kota Kageyama (ENRI)
EN-A-10 Volatility in Air Traffic Management – How changes in traffic patterns affect efficiency in service provision
Thomas Standfuss(TU Dresden), Matthias Whittome(DFS),
ItziarRuiz-Gauna(Metroeconomica) and Franz Knabe(DLR)
EN-A-31 Analysis of Weather Impact on Flight Efficiency for Stockholm Arlanda Airport Arrivals
Anastasia Lemetti(Linköping Univ.), Tatiana Polishchuk(Linköping Univ.), Raúl Sáez
(Univ. Politècnica de Catalunya) and Xavier Prats(Univ. Politècnica de Catalunya)
EN-I-42 Evaluating Speed Logics for Flight-deck Interval Management
Timo Riedel(Keio Univ.), Eri Itoh(ENRI), MasakiTakahashi(Keio Univ.),
Thomas Feuerle (TU Braunschweig) and Paul Frost(TUBraunschweig)
EN-A-4 A Study on Factors Affecting Weather Avoidance using Actual Track Data
Yoichi Nakamura(ENRI), Atsushi Senoguchi(ENRI),
Megumi Oka(ENRI) and Yutaka Fukuda(ENRI)
Session 4 / ATM Performance 2
Chair: Noboru Takeichi (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
EN-A-81 Evaluation of Air Traffic Steadiness in Arrival Operations based on Statistical Analysis and Trajectories Clustering
Songwei Liu(NUAA), Junfeng Zhang Liu (NUAA) and Haipeng Guo(Central and Southern Regional Air Traffic Management Bureau of the Civil Aviation Administration of China)
EN-I-74 Data-Driven Modeling of the Air Traffic Departure Flow Analysis in Multi-Airport Systems
Zheng Zhao(NUAA), Xie Hua(NUAA) and Lei Yang(NUAA)
EN-I-87 Preliminary Result on Measuring the efficiency of Thailand's Air Traffic Management System
Chonbadee Juthamanee(Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency),
T. Chailungka(Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency) and Supatcha Chaimatanan(Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency)
EN-A-47 Evaluation of air route network under the influence of thunderstorm weather
Dong Sui (NUAA) , Yaping Xing (NUAA), Fang Liu (NUAA) and Shichen Tu (NUAA)
Session 7 / Airport Management 1
Chair: Naoki Matayoshi (JAXA)
EN-A-24 SID and STAR optimization near large airports
Jeremie Chevalier(CGX Aero), Daniel Delahaye(ENAC),
Mohammed Sbihi(ENAC) and Pierre Marechal (Univ. Paul Sabatier)
EN-A-3 Precision Approach Procedures with General Aviation aircraft and Helicopter at Braunschweig Research Airport
Thomas Feuerle(TU Braunschweig), Thomas Rausch(TU Braunschweig),
Thomas Lueken(DLR) and Sven Schmerwitz(DLR)
EN-A-11 Dealing with Adverse Weather Conditions by Enhanced Collaborative Decision Making in a TAM APOC
Florian Piekert(DLR), Nils Carstengerdes(DLR) and Reiner Suikat(DLR)

DAY2 October 30th Wednesday [ Hall B ]
Session 2 / SWIM
Chair: Zhijun Wu (CAUC)
EN-A-72 Air/Ground SWIM Integration to Achieve Information Collaborative Environment
Xiaodong Lu(ENRI), Kazuyuki Morioka(ENRI), Shusaku Egami(ENRI), Tadashi Koga(ENRI), Yasuto Sumiya(ENRI), Junichi Naganawa(ENRI) and Naruto Yonemoto(ENRI)
EN-I-86 A Novel Platform to Foster the Special Use of Airspace
Wasanchai Vongsantivanich(Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency), Weerayut Prapamontol(Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency), Preecha Soisuan(Department of Provincial Administration) and Supatcha Chaimatanan(Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency)
EN-I-6 Considerations on Implementing System Wide Information Management System
Midori Tanino(FAA)
EN-I-93 SWIM in ASEAN Demonstration
Diana Liang(FAA), D. Leow(CAAS), A. Jirattigalachote(AEROTHAI) and Y. Ryu(JCAB)
Special Speech 1
Current and Future Aviation Standardisation – Shaping Global Standards through Collaboration
Christian Schleifer-Heingärtner (EUROCAE)
Session 5/ ATM Modelling 1
Chair: Yoshikazu Miyazawa (ENRI)
EN-A-57 An airport delay level classification method based on clustering ensemble
Zhongbin Li(NUAA), Haiyan Chen(NUAA), Ligang Yuan(NUAA) and Jiaming Ge(NUAA)
EN-A-13 Congestion Evaluation and Unimpeded Flight Time Calculation Based on Radar Data Analysis
Adriana Andreeva-Mori(JAXA), Yoshinori Matsuno(JAXA), Naoki Matayoshi(JAXA) and Takeshi Ito(JAXA)
EN-A-15 Towards Automatic Trajectory Modification for Reducing Air Traffic Complexity Using an ATC Difficulty Index
Sakae Nagaoka(ENRI/MPAT), Hiroko Hirabayashi(ENRI/MPAT) and Mark Brown (ENRI/MPAT)
EN-A-35 Macroscopic Analysis to Identify Stage Boundaries in Multi-stage Arrival Management
Eri Itoh(ENRI), Yoshikazu Miyazawa(ENRI), Michael Finke(DLR) and Juergen Rataj(DLR)
Session 8 / Surveillance
Chair: Dirk Kuegler (DLR)
EN-A-16 Data Quality and WAAS Coverage Analysis Based on ADS-B Messages Items Statistics
Fengxun Gong(CAUC) and Yanqiu Ma(CAUC)
EN-A-75 ADS-B Coverage Design in Mountainous Terrain
Karma Wangchuk(Bhutan Civil Aviation Authority), Sangay(Department of Air Transport) and Junichi Naganawa(ENRI)
A Short Update on the Current NASA Aviation Activities
Akbar Sultan(NASA)

DAY2 October 30th Wednesday [ Hall C ]
Session 3 / GNSS
Chair: Susumu Saito (ENRI)
EN-I-44 GNSS Multipath Error Model for Aircraft Surface Navigation Based on Canonical Scenarios
Capucine Amielh(ENAC), Alexandre Chabory(ENAC), Christophe Macabiau(ENAC) and Laurent Azoulai(Airbus)
EN-A-56 Single-frequency time-step method for Ionospheric Delay gradient Estimation
Jirapoom Budtho(King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang), Pornchai Supnithi (King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang) and Susumu Saito(ENRI)
EN-A-45 Evaluation of EPB effects on GBAS CAT II/III performance based on GPS and Beidou near Suvarnbhumi international airport, Thailand
Acharaporn Bumrungkit(King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang), Susumu Saito(ENRI) and Pornchai Supnithi(King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang)
EN-A-88 Development of MC/MF GBAS testbed in Japan and initial experiments for evaluating its performances
Takayuki Yoshihara(ENRI), Susumu Saito(ENRI) and Atsushi Kezuka(ENRI)
Session 6 / Space Weather
Chair: Susumu Saito (ENRI)
EN-A-85 HF-START Evaluation Campaign
Kornyanat Hozumi(NICT), Ryo Nakao(Chiba Univ.), Susumu Saito (ENRI),
Hiroyuki Nakata(Chiba Univ.), Takuya Tsugawa(NICT) and Mamoru Ishii(NICT)
EN-A-49 HAPEE, a statistical approach for scintillation prediction in polar region
Vincent Fabbro(ONERA), Knut Jacobsen(NMA) and Sébastien Rougerie(CNES)
EN-I-39 Update of NICT space weather research and operation activities
Mamoru Ishii(NICT)
EN-A-79 Monitoring of plasma bubbles by VHF radar for GBAS
Susumu Saito(ENRI), Slamet Supriadi(NIAS), Takuya Tsugawa(NICT),
Kornyanat Hozumi(NICT), Mamoru Ishii(NICT), Punyawi Jamjareegulgarn
(King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang) , Pornchai Supnithi
(King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang ) and Yuichi Ostuka(Nagoya Univ.)
Session 9 / UTM
Chair: Daisuke Kubo (JAXA)
EN-A-90 Feasibility Study on Traffic Capacity Increase of UTM through Traffic Rule Improvement
Ryosuke Kaida(Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.) and Noboru Takeichi (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)
EN-I-71 Autonomous rerouting flight path planning using Gaussian-mixture-based artificial potential field method
Jihyun Mok(LIGnex1 Co., Ltd), Seungchan Shin(Korea Aerospace Univ.),
Jaeho Shin(Korea Aerospace Univ.), and Sangho Ko(Korea Aerospace Univ.)
EN-A-43 Nearfield Inspection of Navigation Systems with UAVs – First Results from the NAVANT Project
Robert Geise(Univ. of Braunschweig), Alexander Weiss(Univ. of Braunschweig),
Björn Neubauer(Univ. of Braunschweig), Torsten Fritzel(Aeroxess UG), Rüdiger Strauss
(Aeroxess UG), Hans Steiner(Aeroxess UG), Fabian Faul(Technical University of Munich), Thomas Eibert(Technical University of Munich) and Junichi Honda(ENRI)

DAY3 October 31st Thursday [ Hall A ]
Session 10 / Airport Management 2
Chair: Ryota Mori (ENRI)
EN-A-25 An Optimistic Planning Approach for the Aircraft Landing Problem
Sana Ikli(ENAC), Catherine Mancel(ENAC), Emmanuel Rachelson(ISAE-SUPAERO),
Marcel Mongeau(ENAC) and Xavier Olive(ONERA)
EN-I-76 Research on the Bay Apron Capacity Improvement Based on Simulation
Fengjie Liang(NUAA), Zheng Zhao(NUAA), Minghua Hu(NUAA) and Chencheng Xu(NUAA)
EN-A-46 Passengers on social media: A real-time estimator of the state of the US air transportation system
Philippe Monmousseau(ENAC - French Civil Aviation Univ.), Aude Marzuoli(Georgia Institute of Technology), Eric Feron(Georgia Institute of Technology) and Daniel Delahaye (ENAC - French Civil Aviation Univ.)
Session 13 / Artificial Intelligence for Air Traffic Management
Chair: Daniel Delahaye (ENAC)
EN-A-5 On the Use of Generative Adversarial Networks for Aircraft Trajectory Generation and Atypical Approach Detection
Gabriel Jarry(ENAC), Nicolas Couellan(ENAC) and Daniel Delahaye(ENAC)
EN-A-8 A machine learning framework for data driven airport management
Michael Schultz(TU Dresden), Jannik Post(TU Dresden) and Sameer Alam(Air TMRI)
EN-A-1 Douglas-Pecker approximation for clustering aircraft trajectoriess
Masato Fujita(Japan Coast Guard Academy)
EN-A-17 AcListant with Continuous Learning: Speech Recognition in Air Traffic Control
Juergen Rataj(German Aerospace Center), Hartmut Helmke(German Aerospace Center) and Oliver Ohneiser(German Aerospace Center)
Session 16 / Aviation Weather
Chair: Navinda Wickramasinghe(ENRI)
EN-A-61 Impact of wind on the predictability and uncertainty management of 4D-trajectories
Alvaro Rodriguez-Sanz(Univ. Politécnica de Madrid) and Mireia Terradellas Canadell
(Univ. Politécnica de Madrid)
EN-A-2 The Optimization of terminal capacity in dangerous weather
Hangchen Wang(Civil Aviation Univ. of China)
EN-A-41 Quantification of Weather Impact for Arrival Management Decision Support
Martin Steinheimer(Austro Control), Christian Kern(Austro Control),
Markus Kerschbaum(Austro Control) and Erich Klock(Austro Control)

DAY3 October 31st Thursday [ Hall B ]
Session 11 / Trajectory Management 1
Chair: Mark Brown (ENRI)
EN-A-65 Integrating air traffic management with a total transport-managing system
Nguyen Dinh Dung(Budapest Univ. of Technology and Economics)
and Daniel Rohacs(Budapest Univ. of Technology and Economics)
EN-A-91 Simulation Study on the Interoperability between Air Traffic Flow Management and Tactical Arrival Sequencing
Daichi Toratani(ENRI), Noboru Takeichi(Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.) and Megumi Oka(ENRI)
EN-A-14 A Human-in-the-Loop Simulation Study on the Requirements of Air Traffic Control Operations for expanding Continuous Descent Operations
Hiroko Hirabayashi(ENRI), Navinda Wickramasinghe(ENRI) and Daichi Toratani(ENRI)
EN-A-32 Airport schedule optimization to address peak period demand capacity imbalance
Rajesh Piplani(Nanyang Technological Univ.), Wai Lun Cheung(Nanyang Technological Univ.), Sameer Alam(Nanyang Technological Univ.) and Lionel Bernard-Peyre(Thales)
Special Speech 2
Sharing trajectory views : the key enabler for Trajectory Based Operations
Patrick Souchu (DSNA)
Session 14 / Trajectory Management 2
Chair: Adriana Andreeva-Mori (JAXA)
EN-A-19 Scenario Based RRT* for Aircraft Trajectory Planning under Uncertain Thunderstorm Development
Eduardo Andrés(Univ. Carlos III de Madrid), Maryam Kamgarpour(ETH Zurich),
Manuel Soler(Univ. Carlos III de Madrid), Manuel Sanjurjo-Rivo(Univ. Carlos III de Madrid) and Daniel González-Arribas(Univ. Carlos III de Madrid)
EN-A-66 A Simulation-Based Study for Performance Evaluation of Fixed Flight-Path Angle Descent
Navinda Wickramasinghe(ENRI), Daichi Toratani(ENRI), Jendrick Westphal(Digital Solutions & Analytics, Boeing) and Thomas Feuerle(Technische Univ. of Braunschweig)
EN-A-7 Air route network generation based on traffic assignment
Shijin Wang(NUAA) and Jingjing Lin(NUAA)
EN-I-23 Determining Aircraft Route Capabilities based on large scale historic weather analysis
Jendrick Westphal(Boeing) and Jonas Schulze(Boeing)
Session 17 / Traffic Capacity & Congestion Management
Chair: Jendrick Westphal (Boeing)
EN-A-37 Coordinated sequencing of traffic on multiple En-route constraint points
Souleymanou Abba Rapaya(CCAA Civil Aviation Authority of Cameroon),
Philippe Notry(ENAC) and Daniel Delahaye(ENAC)
EN-A-48 Research on Busyness Classification of Waypoints Based on Traffic Complexity Model and Grey Clustering Method
Minghua Zhang(NUAA), Hua Xie(NUAA), Ying Zhang(NUAA), Haiyan Chen(NUAA)
and Zhe Wu(NUAA)
EN-A-27 Research on traffic situation recognition of terminal area based on ADS-B
Xiaoyun Shen(CAUC) , Jinglin Dong(CAUC) and Siyuan Zhang (CAUC)

DAY3 October 31st Thursday [ Hall C ]
Session 12 / Aviation Safety 1
Chair: Yasuto Sumiya (ENRI)
EN-A-63 A Simple Note on Shadowing Effects and Multipath Propagation for CNS
Robert Geise(Univ. of Applied Science for Telecommunication Leipzig)
and Jens Klinger(Univ. of Applied Science for Telecommunication Leipzig)
EN-A-12 Robustness and interference immunity of satellite-based navigation systems – An account of the GPS Jamming trials in Switzerland
EN-A-58 Numerical Simulation of ILS Signal Interferences and Software Development
Junichi Honda(ENRI), Keisuke Matsunaga(ENRI), Atsushi Kezuka(ENRI)
and Hirohisa Tajima(ENRI)
EN-A-54 Anomalous propagation of VHF NAV signals by the sporadic E layer
Keisuke Hosokawa(The Univ. of Electro-Communications), Jun Sakai(The Univ. of Electro-Communications), Ichiro Tomizawa(The Univ. of Electro-Communications), Susumu Saito(ENRI), Takuya Tsugawa(NICT) and Mamoru Ishii(NICT)
Poster Session
Chair: Sonosuke Fukushima (ENRI)
EN-A-9 A Data-driven approach for taxi-time prediction: a case study of Singapore Changi airport
Duc-Thinh Pham(ATMRI - NTU, Singapore), Man Ngo(ATMRI - NTU, Singapore),
Nam Tran(ATMRI - NTU, Singapore), Sameer Alam(ATMRI - NTU, Singapore) and
Vu Duong(Nanyang Technological Univ.)
EN-A-22 Research and application of UTM information system platform
Geng Zengxian(CAUC), Yifei Zhao(CAUC), Lan Ma(CAUC) and Hong Liu(CAUC)
EN-A-33 Moving Target Tracking on Airport Surface Based on Interacting Multiple Model Extended Viterbi Algorithm
Shuli Gong(NUAA), Shouyu Sun(NUAA) and Xiaoming Li(Aerospace Unmanned Vehicles System Engineering Research Institute)
EN-A-38 Impulsive interference mitigation method for L-DACS1 System Based on sparse Characteristic
Dongxia Li(CAUC), Zhao Wang(CAUC) and Lei Wang(CAUC)
EN-A-52 Reception and Retransmission Methods of Flight Tracking Data
Jun Yang(CAUC), Wangwei Wang(CAUC), Min Chen(CAUC) and Peng Wang(CAUC)
EN-A-59 Research on Operational Situation of Air Route Network Based on Community Structure
Saiwen Zhang(NUAA), Zheng Zhao(NUAA) and Chunzheng Wang(NUAA)
EN-A-60 Empirical Study and Vulnerability Analysis of ATC Sector Network Structure
Wang Xinglong(CAUC) and Miao Shangfei(CAUC)
EN-A-62 Short-Term Air Traffic Prediction Based on Seasonal-Trend Decomposition and Support Vector Regression Methods
Chi Li(NUAA), Minghua Hu(NUAA), JM Ge(NUAA), Hua Xie (NUAA) and Haiyan Chen (NUAA)
EN-A-84 Automatic Airspace Sectorization and Dynamic Configuration
Changcheng Li(NUAA), Jixin Liu(NUAA), Zheng Zhao(NUAA) and Lei Yang(NUAA)
Session 15 / Aviation Safety 2
Chair: Sakae Nagaoka (ENRI)
EN-A-53 Risk assessment of future ATM systems under uncertainty
Rosa Maria Arnaldo Valdés(Univ. Politécnica de Madrid) and Victor Fernando Gómez Comendador(Univ. Politécnica de Madrid)
EN-I-73 Airborne collision avoidance for the future
Christian Aveneau(DSNA)
EN-A-26 Evaluation of a novel Attention Control Technique within Helicopter Navigation Displays to enhance Terrain Awareness
Paul Frost(TU Braunschweig), Sven Bollmann(TU Braunschweig), Thomas Feuerle
(TU Braunschweig) and Peter Hecker(TU Braunschweig)
EN-A-89 Calculation of Ground Obstacles Collision Probability under ILS Approach
Ryota Mori(ENRI) and Masato Fujita(Japan Coast Guard Academy)
Session 18 / Global Tracking & Related Technologies
Chair: Ping Han (CAUC)
EN-A-64 Research on Global Flight Tracking Technology Based on ACARS
Wanwei Wang(CAUC), Runxia Guo(CAUC), Min Chen(CAUC), Jun Yang(CAUC)
and Peng Wang(CAUC)
EN-I-20 A Research Activity on ADS-B Vulnerability Countermeasures
Junichi Naganawa(ENRI), Hiromi Miyazaki(ENRI) and Hirohisa Tajima(ENRI)