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 Publication SpringerExcellent papers from the workshop proceedings will be published from Springer.
 Theme Global Harmonization for Future Sky
Nov. 17~19, 2015

KFC Hall & Rooms
1 Chome-6-1, Yokoami, Sumida, Tokyo 130-0015 JAPAN

We'd like to thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to attend EIWAC2015.
It was a great honor for us to have so many participants.
We sincerely appreciate again for your extraordinary contribution which made this workshop informative and worthwhile.

Excellent Papers of the EIWAC2015 will be published from Springer.
(See the book of EIWAC2013)

*Conference program (final)
17th Tuesday [KFC Hall]
Plenary 1: Opening / Policy for harmonized implementation
Chair Mr. Ikuo Takagi, ENRI
H-1-1-1 Toward the realization of Seamless SKY in the Asia Pacific region
+Mr. Hitoshi Ishizaki, JCAB
H-1-1-2 ICAO' s Global Air Navigation Plan and the Importance of being Earnest about the ASBUs
+Mr. Richard Macfarlane, ICAO
H-1-1-3 SESAR - the European approach to support Global Harmonization and Interoperability
+Mr. Michael Standar, SESAR JU
H-1-1-4 CNS in ATM : the challenges ahead
+Mr. Philippe Merlo, EUROCONTROL
Plenary 2: Toward future aircraft operation
Chair Dr. Kazuo Yamamoto, ENRI
H-1-2-1 How do they all come together…Sesar, NextGen and ASBU
+Mr. Chris Metts, Harris Corp.
+Mr. Neil Planzer, Boeing
H-1-2-2 The Operators' Perspective on ATM Modernization
+Mr. Blair Cowles, IATA
H-1-2-3 Standards to ensure global harmonization and worldwide interoperability
+Mr. Christian Schleifer, EUROCAE
Plenary 3: R&D and implementation for harmonization
Chair Mr. Naoki Fujii, ENRI
H-1-3-1 The NextGen Role in Global Research & Development Coordination
+Mr. Edward Bolton, FAA
H-1-3-2 Collaborative R&D for NextGen and Global Harmonization to inform ASBUs Blocks 2 and 3
+Mr. Akbar Sultan, NASA
H-1-3-3 ENRI's R&D activities for Globally Harmonized ATM Environment
+Dr. Kazuo Yamamoto, ENRI

18th Wednesday [Conference Room 1-KFC Hall 2nd]
Opening Session: Invited talks on R&D for Global Harmonization
Chair Mr. Shigeru Ozeki, Dr.Yasuto Sumiya, ENRI
CR-1-1-1 Moving from SESAR R&D activities to implementation : An ANSP perspective
+Mr. Patrick Souchu, DSNA
CR-1-1-2 ATM Research and Development for Asia Pacific
+Mr. Mohamed Faisal Bin Mohamed Salleh, ATMRI
CR-1-1-3 DREAMS project, its results and implementation status
+Dr. Yasuhiro Koshioka, JAXA
Special Session: Asian R&D Interchange
Chair Prof. Vu Duong, VNU / Mr. Yutaka Fukuda, ENRI
CR-1-3-1 Gate Hold Manager in Thailand
+Mrs. Wachiraphorn Chaiwattanakulkit, AeroTHAI
CR-1-3-2 Future of Generic Multi-ATC Surveillance Sensor Data Fusion
+Mr. Paveen Juntama, AeroTHAI
CR-1-3-3 Status of ATM Research In Korea Aerospace University
+Prof. Keumjin Lee, KAU
CR-1-3-4 Aviation Growth in China: Opportunities and Challenges
+Dr. Yanjun Wang, NUAA
CR-1-3-5 NTT DATA's R&D Strategy on ATM and Electronic Terrain & Obstacle Data (eTOD) from very high-resolution satellite image
+Mr. Munetaka Kimura, NTT-data Corp.