ENRI International Workshop on ATM/CNS (EIWAC)
Tokyo, Japan, March 5 and 6, 2009


1. Object

To exchange views and technical information on the enablers of the future Air Traffic Management (ATM)/ Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) systems among the participants.

2. Workshop

  1. Theme: "Towards Future ATM/CNS"
  2. Date : March 5 and 6, 2009 (Workshop)
  3. Place: Otemachi Sankei Plaza, 1-7-2 Otemachi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Nijubashi bridge (10 min by foot) and world-wide transportation map

3. Scope of Slidess

Future concepts of ATM/CNS Research and development associated with ATM/CNS
(e.g., Air Traffic Management, Communications, Navigation, Surveillance, Trajectory Management, GNSS (SBAS, GBAS, ABAS), Safety, etc.)

4. Participants

5. Program

Thursday 5th March 2009 (1st day)
Opening: 13:00-13:30
Opening Address by the President of ENRI (C. Hirasawa, ENRI)
Welcome Address (M. Muroya, Director of Air Traffic Services Department, JCAB)
General Session I: 13:30-15:00. Chair: S. Nagaoka (ENRI)
  1. SESAR Master Plan(C. Meckiff, EEC, FR)
  2. NextGen Overview and Update (J. Merkle, JPDO, US)
  3. The development of Long-term Roadmap of Future Air Traffic System in Japan (H. Matsunaga, JCAB, JP)
Break: 15:00-15:30
General Session II: 15:30-17:30. Chair: K. Nakatsubo(ENRI)
  1. ENRI's R&D Long-Term Vision (S. Nagaoka, ENRI, JP)
  2. The EUROCONTROL Surveillance Strategy (M. Rees, EUROCONTROL, BE)
  3. Status & Information on the FAA's ADS-B Program (R. Novia, FAA, US)
  4. Report from the 7th Eurocontrol Innovative Research Workshop (C. Meckiff, EEC, FR)
Reception: 18:00
Friday 6th March 2009 (2nd day)
Morning Session: 9:30-12:30
Room 1: Trajectory and Related Topics. Chair: K. Yamamoto (ENRI) Room 2: CNS Enablers. Chair: K. Ito (ENRI)
  1. Trajectory Optimization for Safe, Clean and Quiet Flight (S. Suzuki et al., Univ. of Tokyo, JP)
  2. Separation Assurance in the Future Air Traffic System(H. Erzberger, Univ. of Calif. SC, US)
  3. Trajectory Management for Aircraft Noise Mitigation (X. Prats, Tech. Univ. of Catalonia, ES)
  4. New Trends in Air Traffic Complexity (S. Puechmorel, ENAC, FR)
  5. Study on Trajectory Prediction Model (Y. Fukuda et al., ENRI, JP)
  1. ASAS Key Issues: from concept to implementation, questions and possible answers (J-M. Loscos, DSNA/DTI, FR)
  2. Mode S related researches in ENRI (T. Koga, ENRI, JP)
  3. SWIM (J. Merkle, JPDO, US)
  4. EUROCONTROL Policy on GNSS in Europe(M. Rees, EUROCONTROL, BE)
  5. Perspectives on Global Navigation Satellite Systems(M. Kudoh, ENRI, JP)
Lunch: 12:30-13:30
Afternoon Session: 13:30-16:30
Room 1: Airport Management, Performance. Chair: Y. Fukuda (ENRI) Room 2: Safety and Human Factor Issues. Chair: S. Ozeki (ENRI)
  1. Steps Towards the Virtual Tower: Remote Airport Traffic Control Center (N. Fuerstenau, DLR, DE)
  2. Applying Cognitive Work Analysis to Study Airport Collaborative Decision Making Design (M. Groppe, Cranfield Univ., UK)
  3. Total Airport Management as the Enabler for SESAR Collaborative Airport Planning (F. Piekert, DLR, DE)
  4. A Case Study of Operational Delay at Japanese Airports (K. Kageyama et al., ENRI, JP)
  1. Human-Machine Collaboration for Safety and Comfort (T. Inagaki, Univ. of Tsukuba, JP)
  2. ESARR 5: managing ATCO and ATSEP competences in Europe (B. Rulleau, French Embassy, JP)
  3. Frequency of Rare Event Occurrences (M. Fujita, ENRI, JP)
  4. Development of an Onboard Doppler LIDAR for Flight Safety (H. Inokuchi et al., JAXA, JP)
  5. A Study on Distributed Cognition for Team Cognitive Process Modeling in ATC (S. Inoue, ENRI, JP)